About Our Leaders


In the fall of 2015 John and Becky Hokanson found themselves facing a hard decision. After three years of working with students at UW-Stout, they had to make a choice - stay or go. Going meant starting over, leaving students behind, and knowing that no one would be in Menomonie to take over leading what had been accomplished. Staying meant starting something much bigger than they every imagined.

Seeking the wisdom and advice of friends, family, mentors, and the peace of God, John and Becky made the decision to stay.

In the spring of 2016, using the training and mentorship of their church family, John and Becky began to form a plan. A vision was born and a new mission formed. 

Then, in the fall of 2016, armed with the support of their church and advisor team, John and Becky launched Foundations.

What We Do